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For the youngsters here, Chip was the fore runner of IT journalism in India, way back in 1998 (yes i'm quiet old hehe) it ushered an age if IT revolution in India, backed by Jasubhai Media Publications.
After few years, there was a huge change and the magazine was renamed Digit.
Then after a year, most of the senior writers and the main editor left Digit and became Chip, under a different publication.
Then the great rivalry between Chip and Digit happened...which exists till today.

These two magazines opened their own web portal, with their forums. Chip was the first one. Chip had really really old members, mainly the 80s generation while Digit was more populated with 90s generation, who back then, were mostly teenagers (most of you are pushing 20 now). Digit forum was created early 2004 and as you can see my join date, i registered here to spy on Digit members .

Without surprise, their was a stiff rivalry between both forums, with members joining the other site with the sole purpose of trolling. (The term "tolling" meant unintentionally acting like a douchebag back then in 2000s, now it has become a "cool" thing to do and people are just forcing it now). One thing Digit members did confess was that they preferred buying Chip magazine because
1) It was cheaper Rs 100 vs Rs 125 for Digit (Rs150-200 for special editions)
2) The review practices were better in Chip. Cmon Digit once did a Intel motherboard review of 8 units ONLY and later in their Zero1 annual awards gave the Gold winner the main Annual Motherboard of the Year prize. I mean WAT DA FRAK!

2 years ago(i think), Chip forum shut down. No explanations, no official statement, nothing, just died..wiped out of existence.

I wanna know why that happened
Is there an alternative site to it? So far i cant find it.
Are ex-Chip Forum members here? because i knew like atleast 20-30 people closely and i dont see them here.


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There were some members who were on both forums around 2-3 years ago, and some are still active here. I do not remember the exact usernames though.
I do not think there's any alternate website.
There has been a discussion about Chip's decision of shutting down and similar things, and it was discussed here and Raabo was part of discussion, too. It might help in finding the reasons why it was shut down. I do not remember what the discussion actually had.

PS: I have the last edition of Chip magazine. :p


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That was quite a confession you made there. (To spy on digit, lol).

No idea what happened to Chip. But I remember the rivalry. Chip was cheaper but don't know why I always remained more inclined towards digit. (I think I bought my first magazine in 2006).

Looking back, connecting the dots I can see a series of unfortunate events. I remember in 2011, Chip was *hacked*. About one year later, in 2012 the forum was put to rest. In just 1.5 yrs, Chip magazine also left the market, leaving all the fans of Chip dismayed. So they don't seem to shut down *in an instant*. It took a while. 2.5 years to be precise.

The way you made it sound, *chip forum shut down with no explanation, wiped out of existence* it sounded like a conspiracy theory! But I think Chip just couldn't handle the competition.


I never registered on Chip forums, i preferred TDF and the digit mag.. but later i figured out magazines really are crap once you have unlimited download internet
Chip is dead. So is the forum now, I guess.

you sound like Walter White :lol:


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With all these tech related websites which gets updated every hour, and internet available on your smartphones and tablets, tech magazines are becoming irrelevant.
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