::SOLD My Note 2.....Need a Phablet....


sold my note 2 today on ebay....
Need to buy a new phone/phablet
Narrowed down to :
1)HTC Butterfly s
2)Note 3 (To be announced in sept....may be will be launched globally in October)

So to wait for the Note 3 for 2 months or wait for the butterfly s for a few days ??

p.s - wt bout the One max?? ;))


you could consider lg G2

G2 hmmm......any indications at the pricing?

Also xperia Z Ultra If you want Weather Proof Solution without compromising on power Pack
Not a biig fan of the original Xperia Z..one of my friends has it....the screen kinda looks washed out to me ...and Timescape just does not work for me!!! ;)
Hardware wise, Xperia Z ultra is the best.
Have not used it, so cant comment on the practicality of it.
Screen size...6.4 seems kinda biig...but again not a big fan of the Xperia Z series...

Guys wt about Butterfly s?? or the upcoming One max or the Note 3??


OMG Prices slashed or what??
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