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Software for Multi-boot DVD

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Broken In

I want to know any Multi-boot creator software.

I came to know about easyboot but it is not much good.

Does anyone have any idea about any different software


The Researcher
Can anyone tell me whether it is posible to write two or more bootable iso images to one dvd and when I start the dvd it should boot from the first image and after it is over then the next one etc. This I require to put the iso images of mandriva linux to a dvd and install the whole thing from it. Don't tell me to download the dvd iso image. I have neither the time and nor the resources to do that. Otherwise anybody from mumbai can give the DVD of mandriva linux.


A few years ago I wanted to do the exact reverse..i had got a bootable dvd and wanted to make cds out of it..

Here is sumthing you can try...not sure if it'll work or not but pretty hopeful :)

But before that here are somethings that you should know:
1. Usually only the first CD is bootable.
2. Not all iso images are bootable (in your case i am not sure that all images will be bootable which is actually a good thing)

Approach 1:
1. Extract the boot image (from cd1) for a floppy install
2. Extract all the files from images onto separate folders
3. Burn a DVD or image with its boot sector as that of the floppy and put folders as data
4. Boot with it and try installing it as a network install

:!: Better make an image file first and try it on a virtual PC or VMWare or something like that

Approach 2:
1. Extract the original boot sector of cd1
2. Find out which file contains the file-list,& download the same for DVD from internet
3. Extract all the files from images into single folder
3. Replace the file-list with one you downloaded from net
4. Burn a DVD or image with its boot sector as that of the CD1 and put folder as data following same hierarchy.

This should be as good as a DVD but file ordering will be a lot different (so MD5 Checksum wont match). Ultimately end user feel no difference.

All these re based on trial-&-error and are time consuming, so use your discretion.

Do tell me the results in case you try any of these. And yes most welcome for any clarification

Hitesh Gupta
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