Should P-1 Mother Board support ATX power supply ?

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Right off the assembly line
I had collected a P1 233Mhz proccessor fixed in a second hand mother board.But I donot know the name of the mother board and which power supply ( AT or ATX ) will be suitable for this mother board. Recently I purchased a new AT SPMS , but socket of the AT SMPS was not fitted in the mother board. On the other hand when I tried to see whether my ATX cable of P-3 machine would fit or not in the P-1 mother board, I saw that the socket of my ATX power supply was easily fitted in the P-1 mother board. Please tell me how the problem can be solved. Normally the P-1 mother board should support the AT power supply. --- SSingha


no it shouldnt
at the time there were different motherboards available
the AT form factor and the ATX form factor
UR specific p1 motherboard had the ATX form factor and therefore it supports an ATX power supply
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