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Serial Blasts in Hyderabad!xxxxx

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Atleast 20 killed in Hyderabad serial blasts
Hyderabad, Aug 25: In a serial blast, atleast 20 persons were killed and over 50 injured at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat Bhandar here on Saturday evening at around 2000 hrs.

According to reports, the first blast took place at Lumbini Park open-air auditorium, opposite State Secretariat when a laser show was going on. The second blast took place at around 2015 hrs at Gokul Chat shop in Koti area, 5 Km from here.

Following the blasts, people were seen running helter-skelter as a number of them were congregated for the event.

The police officials reached on the spot and confirmed several deaths and injuries. Meanwhile, the injured persons have been admitted to nearby Medicity, Osmania and Yashoda hospitals.

Forensic experts have also reached to ascertain the reason behind the blasts.

High alert has been sounded in the city and security has been tightened throughout.

The Chief Minister YSR Reddy has convened an emergency meeting of top officials to review the situation. The Centre has also spoken to the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh.

Condemning the incident, TDP MP from Hyderabad Yerran Naidu has said that the government was warned but it failed to take preventive measures to avoid the tragedy.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has condemned the blasts and expressed deep concern.

Earlier this year in May, Andhra Pradesh had witnessed a bomb attack at the historic Mecca Masjid. The blast, which took place during Friday prayers, had killed 14 persons and injured over 50.

The bomb blast in Mecca Masjid had sparked off angry protests by hundreds of youth in and around the mosque and Charminar.

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Any input which are edited on news.
Like who and why they did, nay salogans and about local agitation.

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Yeah, saw this in the TV, lived in Hyd for 20 years, Lumbini Park is right opposite to the Secretariat, the place where the CM works, such a security lapse is truly disgusting and also, the AP government didnt take any responsible steps after the Masjid blasts 3 months ago.

Time to work, Intelligence department.


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Itz time we had something like the NSA... above the reach of the government
and answerable only to the President himself. And wonder wht the existing Intelligence is doing .. this is a shame :x


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shady_inc said:
Not just India.It's happening all around us.Nothing is impossible for these people.

but the fact remains tht itz possib to restrain them.. proper execution of security policies is the way... need more police ... our police:public ratio is one of the lowest in the wrld


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Thats sad..I saw in news that a father lost his only son...
There are lots of casualties...
Man/. What did those terrorist got after this samefull act...

Is there anything we can do to help people out there???


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Are yaar all can see that on news channel but I am asking of info what is not shown on tv.


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Well, Who knows what's gonna happen next??!!

first the mumbai blasts @ gateway of India..
then delhi triple blasts..
then again mumbai local train serial blasts.. so on..

The list is increasing.. these men are really making earth hell!!


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read in the newspaper today... after iraq (obvisouly!) india is the second most affected country in the world when it comes to terrorism. i guess its time that we take the offensive stand... we've tried enough to defend ourselves.. and the country which always is on the offensive - pak - gets the tag of being a country which is helping the world in the war against terrorism... bullsh!t!


i live 100 km near to hyd and went there yesterday sad to tell but i lost my frnd in that Blasts.I dont know much about him but he was a good guy .The atmoshpere here in hyd is very bad people r really scary(as well as me) to come out of there houses.But luckly my best frnd Escapaed frm the blasts he was 500-600 mts near to the gokul chat (where the 2nd bomb blasted)
Today its state BAndh and still rumours r goin in the city that there r still bombs left which could Xplode any time

its not 20 its 40 killed and double injuries
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