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Well I want to know how can I set the META tags and all to improve my site rating in search engine.

Also I am on linux based hosting.
Everypage is in php.

Really worried since I am not getting any links on the BIG G and yahoo and all.

Let us discuss some things on SEO here.

Also wanted to know

I got a script code from Google Analytics to be pasted on the site pages under the header tag.

But problem is that I didnt found any HEAD tag on my php file!

Can u help me out in this matter?


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You should not include it in the php files. Paste it in the html files. All html has head tags and in most cases php is mixed inside an html page.


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u are using wordpress rite? is there no <head> element in the index.php? abt ur meta tags, i think that they can be edited within wordpress itself.
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