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seat cover for WagonR


Right off the assembly line
Dear all,
Recently I have purchased new WagonR car, :razz: .
I want to put seat covers for it, but there are lots of types of seat cover in market , skin tight, loose fiting, leather, italic leather etc.
I want seat cover which will not create sweating, and it should be washable.My budget is around 3500 to 4000.
So kindly suggest me which type will be better.I am staying in mumbai.
Thanking you in Advance


^^ visit your local car accesseroies shop, they have their own tailors who make seat covers from leatherite material for roughly the amount you have specified.
The best part is they allow good customisation be it mixing matching colors to your exteriors, extra jacket /pockets on the rear of teh front seats, more padding etc, comapred to off the shelf variants.The overall finished quality will obviously depend on the tailor himself and the choice of materials.

Recently i did the same for my car to match the exteriors.


Right off the assembly line
Hi aloodum,
Thanks for your valuable reply.
but i have one doubt that their are lots of types of leather , how to identify original.
Do you know any of shop, or where you did for your car
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