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Saving "SMIL" files on the computer

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I went to a site and I saw fiels in SMIL extension, which play only on Real Player, and that too, for listening to the song, I have to connect to the internet all the time. Is there no way I can save that Real Media file onto my computer?

Here is what is within the file, its 1.17 KB in size .
<meta name="base" content="rtsp://taupe.propagation.net/dishant/jukebox/playselected/"/>
<meta name="copyright" content="©2004 http://www.dishant.com/"/>

<root-layout width="180" height="180" background-color="black"/>
<region id="adbanner" top="5" left="20" width="170" height="72"/>
<region id="videoregion" top="30" left="3" width="170" height="240"/>
<!-- <par>
<a href="http://www.dishant.com" show="new">
<a href="http://www.dishant.com/advertise.htm" show="new">

<audio src="rtsp://real.dishant.com/jukebox/raza1.rm" author="Advertise in AUDIO at Dishant.Com"/>
<seq><audio src="rtsp://real.dishant.com/jukebox/1278/8877.rm" title="Ganga - Bhupen H, Hariharan, Kavitha K, Shaan & Hema S" author="Bhupen Hazarika Hits" copyright="©2004 http://www.dishant.com/"/>


I tried useing DAP, and I tried to download the file rtsp://real.dishant.com/jukebox/1278/8877.rm on my computer, but it was on no use, because the file location began with rtsp, and not http.

I have to urgently download this song. How do I do it :S

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
If u r using Firefox, Right-click on the page, select View Page Info, goto Media tab, here u can see the link to desired song, copy and paste it into ur download manager and start downloading...


Broken In
Rofl ... I think you didn't get what I had to say ... only Hyper Text Markup Protocol functions for what you have suggested. I have tried everything possible, and I had a bit of success too. In the Real temporary folder on my computer, I was able to locate a file with r1m extension. I am sure this is the audio file I am looking for, 'cause as the song was played, and as it was being downloaded, the file size went on incresing, which I could well see on refreshing the pages. So, can anyone now tell me how do I convert "r1m" into any playable extension on Winamp, I would consider anything that runs.
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