Saregama Carvaan-Suggestions Required


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Second, as mentioned previously there was no intention of spamming
No harm no foul. Given the amount of spam we have to deal with everyday, we see patterns in them that helps us identify whether a post is a spam or not. Your post tripped some red flags like:
  • Poor formatting: Different coloured text, usually used by spammers to highlight products they are promoting.
  • Ad blurbs: Text directly from advertisements or written purposely to resemble an ad blurb.
  • Asking questions after posting the ad blurb above in order to give the impression that OP is a legitimate user and to engage more users of the forum.
As @whitestar_999 posted above, simply asking people how the product is and a simple Amazon link and a short one-line description would have been enough.


^Which version did you check? Did not know there were variants till I saw the above post. There is a premium variant with Harman Kardon speakers called Caravan Gold
I am talking about the regular Porcelain White version.
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