Samsung Star-- JAVA Apps problems

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I tried the step wise upgradation of firmware as per the site given by you...but now phone is showing only orange screen with blue bar ....please help me out


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hav u selected master rom & when u click port seacrh see all the boxes are unchecked check them again & select the boot files again bcoz u will see they go mising as well
& the above button chg from the M.../..250 to BRMC2133 or somthing like that keep it at BRMC2133

try it again & if it doesnt work tell wht all u hav done waiting for reply
sorry for the late reply...could not try worked now...Thanks a lot Raj ...will try some softwares and games installation now :smile:


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Other games and softwares :*

also: *

So wht did u do wrong 1st time???
weren't u worried like when ur phone was down for 2 days
i was worried for u,,,,,,,,


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Thanks Raj buddy. Installed the firmware u mentioned. the catch is we dont have to press find port and if the slot is there just install it. Thanks buddy. now looking for an iphone emulator for the same. good news samsung has launched a developers site like nokia so that samsung may be improved like the SE version with some really cool apps.
Sorry, I was down with fever past 2 days...

I was selecting M.../..250 instead BRMC2133 (as mentioned in the website ) ... and thats why phone went blank....(I was worried but I knew you guys will help me to come out of it :smile:)
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Hi here is a new method.
It does not require TKfileExplorer or LITE FTP



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is it possible to upgrade firmware and then INSTALL java apps thru copy-paste method in my samsung X700 too?


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can any1 tell me about this phone ? i am going to purchase star wifi for 8700 INR. any1 here owns this phone ?
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