Saints Row IV


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Saints Row 4: Inauguration Station lets you try out the character creator
An Update.
Its available for Pre-order on Steam for $49:mrgreen:
You will get bonus for pre-order Though.


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I less reason to play the game. :)
ya the map is same ..some new activities..but it ll .still be awesome trust me fun to play
if you looking for some intensive charecters and story then ignore this game.
but it ll be fun to play :p
also sound(music) is awesome throughout the game(source some review) just like sr3

i ll be gettin it for sure


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I ain't saying that I don't like SR series or something. Its just that there is so much new to play that I can hardly get time to play somewhat same games. :)


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I have not played any SR title before. Tired of playing horror/war/adventure games now, heard this one's a bit different...need to relax and do some crazy stuff, is it that kinda game? i saw the trailer but cdn't make anything outta the game-play! what is SR all about? i believe i will be able to play this game in ultra settings...plz post some comments , +ve will make me go for it at once.


Living to Play
Well game is real nice. One city and you can do whatever you want with it. A lot of weapons, moves and sidequests to perform. Sidequesta are not boring or something..


999 :O wow one company not to increase their prices

Yes :D Cannot justify paying more than 999 for any pc game except mmos.

Also, metro last light is on preorder for 999, coming early october.It's good that I waited for this game to be available here.
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