Rossi in MotoGP or WRC or F1 ???

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Moto GP Champion Valentino Rossi in WRC- New Zealand Rally

MotoGP champion and international superstar Valentino Rossi kept getting better and better. Friday saw Rossi drive with extreme caution, because the Italian, who had only contested one half of one FIA World Rally Championship stage, did not want to have a repeat performance of his last outing in a World Rally car.

Some thought it was amazing that Rossi completed the difficult first day, but no one was surprised by his position, well of the pace and behind many FIA Production car World Rally Championship drivers. It was not until the second leg where Rossi began to show just how quickly he could learn the techniques required to master rally.

A surprise to many, Rossi began a slow climb up the leaderboard, but it was not until the final stage of the second leg, Mystery Creek superspecial, where Rossi let it all hang out. Rossi posted a top-six time on the stage and even bested former World Champion Petter Solberg.

The third leg saw much of the same for Rossi, with the Italian growing more confident with each passing stage. Though he did not complete Propecia Rally New Zealand with a top-eight finish (he finished 11th overall), he did manage to lay the ground work for a potential career in rally. It remains to be seen when and where Rossi will again appear behind the wheel of a World Rally car in competition, but if this weekend was any indication of his potential, the sport may have another superstar in the waiting.

Source : WRC . com

A few years ago he Tested in Micheal's Ferrari (F1).

i would really like to see him in F1 as he is imo perfect REPLACEMENT for Micheal Schumacher. :D


filth is me
rossi is pure instinct , i remember when he had tested for an f1 car first time last year or so , he was just 1 second off the pace from the normal pacecars , hows that for an impressive performance , and now in wrc- i rate wrc as the most 'tufest' motorsport , even more gruesome than f1 and he pulls off a feat like that , this guy is a class apart , in the league of the greats , hes the real deal :)


Yup, he's the BEST

imo he Quit Honda Repsol MotoGP Team & joined Yamaha for one reason==
To show his TALENT & earn the name of being the BEST MotoGP racer.

Honda had the Best Package & very powerful & reliable bike, with which Rossi won Races & Championship effortlessley. it was kinda a Hollow Victory.
He joined the Yamaha Team which had Less Powerful bike, but at the end, only his TALENT lead to his & his Team's Championship after Championship victories...
This proved that he is the #1.


ROSSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
only he knws wat he's upto..
n in the end i'd advice him 2 stay wit moto gp.. cos he knws wats he goin thru in WRC,,
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