Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City


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Hi Guys check out review and use this as a single discussion thread for recently released Evil Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City . I will post the review video soon.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
is a third-person shooter video game for
Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, co-developed by Slant Six Games and Capcom. It was released on March 20, 2012 in North America, and scheduled for release on March 22, 2012 in Australia, March 23, 2012 in Europe and April 26, 2012 in Japan.[2] It is part of the Resident Evil series, being set around the same time as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis titles, though it is a non-canon hypothetical scenario.[3]

Umbrella Security Service (USS) Delta team enters the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, where they meet up with Alpha team leader HUNK. Their mission is to assist Alpha team in stopping Dr. Birkin from handing over his T-Virus research to the U.S. military and retrieve the G-virus. On their way to Birkin's lab, they find Birkin has paid numerous Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) mercenaries to work for him while the deal goes forward. When they reach Birkin's lab, the doctor is shot, and HUNK and another Alpha leave with the samples. They soon find that Birkin survived the attack and infected himself with the virus. The Birkin creature proceeds to kill off most of Alpha team before disappearing; HUNK offers to go back in search of the sample.

Not long after the battle, it becomes evident that the T-virus has leaked city-wide, and people are beginning to transform into flesh-hungry zombies. In what they see as a punishment by USS command, Delta team is ordered to remove evidence of Umbrella's role in the outbreak. Heading into Raccoon City Hall, Delta team meets with a UBCS mercenary and they monitor Nicholai Ginovaef; he is soon revealed as a traitor and attempts to kill Delta team.

Later, the team is sent out around Raccoon Park to find the Nemesis-T Type, which has gone rogue. A second parasite is injected into its body in order to bring it back under control. Shortly after this mission is completed, the team is then sent out to the Raccoon City Police Department, ordered to kill any surviving police officers and destroy evidence linking the company to the outbreak. When this is done, the team exits the station, and soon after encounter Leon S. Kennedy, whom they begin to hunt down along with Sherry Birkin. After they find and corner Leon, Claire Redfield and Sherry, the game can end in two ways: in one ending, the team resigns from Umbrella over their abandonment during the mission and betrays them by letting the three live; in the other, Leon and Claire are executed and Sherry is sent to an Umbrella facility.


There are twelve playable characters in the game, with six characters for each side. On the Umbrella Security Service team there is: Vector, the team's recon expert and is equipped with a cloaking ability; Beltway, who is proficient in the use of explosives; Bertha, the medic; Spectre, the marksman; Four Eyes, the scientist, with the ability to program the bio-organic weapons (BOWs); and Lupo, who is the team leader.[citation needed] On the United States Special Ops team there is: Willow is the recon expert; Dee-Ay is the team leader; Tweed is the demolitions expert; Harley is the medic; Shona is the field scientist; and Party Girl is the sniper.[4]

Alongside the single player mode, the game also offers four-player co-operative Raccoon Mode, which pits the USS against the U.S. Special Ops teams.[5][6]

The zombies in the game are able to attack the player in a multitude of ways. A zombie that gets too close to the player will usually attempt to grapple the player, prompting the player to rapidly shake his/her analogue stick to avoid getting bitten. Players who are unsuccessful in doing this will be infected for a limited amount of time. Whilst they are infected they gain small bonuses at the expense of a slowly depleting health bar. If a player is successfully bitten and later runs out of time after becoming infected, the player will lose control of their character and begin attacking their former teammates until killed, allowing the player to respawn. There are additional enemy types in the game besides zombies, such as Lickers, Hunters, and Cerberuses. Furthermore, the players are able to control them under certain circumstances.[citation needed]

Heroes Mode is an online multiplayer feature allowing to play characters such as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, plus Ada Wong, HUNK, Nicholai Ginovaef and a new character, called Lone Wolf.[citation needed]

Xbox 360-exclusive Nemesis Mode allows one player to control Nemesis and use him to kill the other team.[citation needed]

Free DLC pack containing playable missions for Spec Ops arrives on April 10 for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.[7]


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Played it for a while on my friend's 360.

As every one was expecting it to be.. this game turned out to be an utter disaster.


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My friend played the x360 version and he said that doing headshots doesn't count for **** . You still have to empty nearly an entire clip into a zombie to kill it and ammo is really scarce.

Anyway, maybe the PC version might be slightly better, lets watch.


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My friend played the x360 version and he said that doing headshots doesn't count for **** . You still have to empty nearly an entire clip into a zombie to kill it and ammo is really scarce.

Anyway, maybe the PC version might be slightly better, lets watch.

Now thats sick. I hope PC version don't have this bug or feature. Whatever you say it.


The game is SH#T on x360 and ps3.
Tried pS3 version on the day of release and today itslef had a hands on with 360 version.
Must say the Game is Doomed in ever regard.
GFX is crap-metal..So dark you cant even navigate properly.
Gun play is like of 10yr old FPS.
Cover system is worst ever seen in any game.
The worst part is that it happens to be a RE Game!!

Got my this months digit issue yesterday
And as Expected its panned in Digit Review too:4.0!
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