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Regarding Flash applications...

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Readrs of ths mail...

We hav planned to release a college magazine... We hav also planned to include a CD along with the magazine ... I wud like to do the interface of the CD in Flash just as the Digit team does in their monthly CDs and DVDs.. Experts please do tip me in creating a good flash interface ... the action scripts and few of ur works which u wud like to share ....

Thanking You .... Gopzzz....


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Welcome to the form Gopi_Friendly. You got yourself into a big trouble. You should hav read the forum rules first. All tutorial requests must go here.As this is your first post you might get away with it this time from the mods. Please use the search facility the next time before you post.

here are a few links
link 1

link 2

link 3

My first name is also Gopi gopi_friendly ;)
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