(Razer Surround)Confusion installing Razer Synapse on non Razer hardware


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I just came to know that Razer Surround can provide virtual surround sound on any headphone.
To install it I must also install Razer Synapse 2.0. But I don't have any Razer hardware. I just want to listen to music with increased quality.

Can I install Razer Synapse safely on Windows 7 PC without having any compatible Razer hardware(no mouse, no keyboard)?


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First of all why did you create two threads??

Razer Surround is the only thing you need to install, Synapse install is not necessary. It doesn't matter if you are not using Razer products. Razer Surround works with any headphones. It's main purpose is to provide a virtual surround sound for movies and games. I don't think your music quality will improve much or even at all.
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