Razer L33T Giveaway.


Until the 25th October 2010, one lucky fan will get to score the ultimate gaming suite powered by Razer - worth over US$500 - shipped right to your doorstep that will consist of Razer‘s suite of award winning gaming peripherals - A choice of your Professional Gaming Mouse, your ideal Professional Gaming Surface and Gaming Keyboard (just tell us which one you would like to have - it‘s yours), the Razer Megalodon 7.1 Gaming Audio Headset, Razer Armadillo2 Mouse Cable Management System, a Razer Attitude Tee, Razer Messenger Bag, Razer Gear Rack and a Razer l33t Pack.
We honestly don‘t give a damn whether you‘re in Arizona, Zimbabwe or in the snowy hills of Tibet. Every gamer on this blue planet gets a fair shot
Link : The Razer L33T Giveaway | Win The Razer Power Gaming Suite! | Razer™ | For Gamers by Gamers™
I have just posted it to share the news(and my link), so mod can delete this if they think it's advertisement. :)

another link http://l33t.razerzone.com/index.php it wont increase my referral count, but still just posting it. :)

also i don't know if its posted already or not, if already posted delete/merge this too. :D
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You want to increase your referral count..is it so?
Well yes, but if anyone have any problems with that they can use your link, i'll add it to the first post too.:p

Even i didn't cared about these kind of stuff but i realised chances of winning are very low but if one doesn't take part those chances get zero.
i can create many different email and get my referral count to 10 but i'll a lot of work.
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