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aneesh kalra

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even though i have 256*2=512mb ram ddr 333mhz both the sticks installed on my motherboard and they both are of the same brand simtronics then also my motherboard intel orignal 865gbf does not recognize them as identical and runs in single channel mode although it supports dual channel mode.I also get ram mismatch error at almost every bootup .Can it be because the latencies or some other parameter is not matching and if yes please provide al ink for the software so that i could check the same.Instead of my present config 512mbram@333mhz what would be the best ram config for my pc it has a intel 2.8ghz processor with ht technology.please give complete config along with latency alongwith the answer to the above question.

Binay 007

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I dont know whts ur com. problem but i can suggest somthing to u:---

1-- Either Check The RAMS are attached to their slots properly or not
2-- or Apply a deep air blow on the rams slots,
3-- or remove 1 of urs Ram from the slot & test the slots & RAMS one by one by putting it one to another slots(for any defect in slots or RAMS).Once changing booting is required.
If it does not work then keep trying & inform me about this.

I listened somewhere about latencies , parameter i case of rams but it not coming to my mind what it any body have any answer?


have you tested the rams inidividually.. or in another motherboard
also heres a simple proggie to check you cas latency.. CPU-Z and its FREE!!!
hope this info helps
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