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Radeon HD 6770 or 6790 or 6850??


Broken In
Radeon HD 6770 ,HD 6790 and HD 6850.
I want you guys to tell which is the best GPU at 1440*900 resolution and also works smooth in future for at least 3 years at this Resolution(or below it).

HD 6770 has got the most positive reviews and it is a very good performer.

HD 6790 consumes more power but it has memory bandwidth and memory clock speed greater than 6770 and 6850.

HD 6850 :- i have seen a lot of suggestions of this card over 6790.Benchmark results are very good.

Please answer to this thread.
I want to know opinion of you guys.

Also i am going for 6790 ,should i go for 6850 for being future proof or 6790 will handle everything with ease.Please reply(i am very confused).
Or is it better to wait for 7000 series??
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