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Radeon 4850+CM 690+450 w PSU


Hey Guys.

Trying to build my rig soon and thanks to members here i been getting some sound advice.
Member's post helped me a lot in deciding my components.
Currently looking for an i-530 based machine.

If any of the member has and willing to sell the following components pls do let me know:

1) Radeon 4850 512/1 GB Card
2) CM 690 Cabby
3) PSU- 450 w (Something like vx450 or FSP SAGA/CM Real Power)

If anybody willing to dump an i 530 based machine, that wd do nicely as well.

Send me the offers via PM guys :)


I have one Palit HD4850 ( with over 1 year and 3 months warranty left ) , the reason for selling is that i m planning to buy MSI HD 5850 .. and i willing to sell it of at 4000/- ( without post and handling charges ) and i am expecting that u pay those extra charges. If u are willing please reply me.


Broken In
I have a two week old Sapphire HD4850 (1GB, twin slot cooler) with full warranty. It's new in box and tested once before my new monitor went for RMA. Haven't used it at all, so I'll take Rs 6500 for it. That's up to a 1000 bucks off on a brand new graphics card. Will furnish photographs, bills, date-of-purchase and warranty information if interested. Can't post any benchmarks, diagnostics till Wednesday, by when I should get a replacement monitor.


Right off the assembly line
Any1 have got an IPod Touch or Classic or Nano, any...
Plus, a 320GB HDD..
And, a graphics card..
A processor(preferably Intel's Core 2 Duo)..
Even, a motherboard and
a LCD or LED monitor...
Any of the above...
Please Reply...


Right off the assembly line
I have a 4-month old graphics card Msi R5770 Hawk 1gb
Expecting Rs.8500.

Reason to sell...upgrading to Nvidia GTX460.
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