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Pune - The first to have Wi-Fi !!

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Well..yesterday... MG Road was made WiFi zone and to surprise..completely FREE for 90 days..

and PMC Commisioner assured ..that Pune (COMPLETE PUNE) will be Wifi by 2007 :p ..and it has finaled the deal with Intel Co-op...

Source : Newspaper :)


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i had read somewhere that intel will be covering whole of pune with wi-max soon .. it ll be the first city to have wi-max coverage in india .. now that ll be cool for al u pune guys !!!


well pune's got competition man, just a couple of days back it was announced that Ahmedabad is going to go Wi-fi......lets see who reaches there first...


All those people talking about economic dolelopment n all.. roads, water..
i agree to some extent
but wi-fi is a good step i think...
if india always thought about giving food to poor and never doveloped a supercomputer... or never doveloped a space program...
if we spent all the money that we have spent on survey´s, space program, computer research... on giving food to poor, where would we have been...
believe me... nowhere... india would have still been poor and not even that littile bit advanced that we are...

so an allround dovelopment is necessary.... u have to spend money on technology and leave some things behind... this may sound immoral at the first break of silence but i believe it is a must....


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vmp_vivek said:
Great news guys, but I think they should rather focus on the economic development first. :? :)

Pardon me, but there is no problem with the economy. The problem is with the 'infrastructure'.


hey AMOL48, no one is wrong regarding the information abt the first city in INDIA to b wi-fi, well sadly to say so , cos im also a Puneite, it wasnt Pune, it was Mysore, try flippin thru as few pages of goole n ull find out the truth, n speakin abt the rest of the world, US n European Countries wer the 1st 2 hav wi-fi in their cities n as early as 1996..
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