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Problem using custom ROM in SGY

I have been using Chobits Digitalis v2 ROM in Samsung Galaxy Y. It had a custom boot animation with sound. Now I flashed my phone with Jelly Blast. It also has a boot animation but when my phone starts first there is a blank screen with chobits digitalis' sound(no boot animation) & then Jelly Blast boot animation. How to solve this problem ?

Also when I'm trying to flash my phone with Creeds Fusion v3.5, my phone does not boot(after Samsung Galaxy Y logo just blank screens for minutes). So how can i solve these problem ??


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using which recovery?? stock or cwm?? some rom/fixes requires you to mount system and data via cwm so that the changes stick....
you should wipe data/cache before changing rom and follow rom specific instructions...


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I always do a cache & data wipe before installing custom ROM. I have tried Creeds Fusion using both stock & CWM.

i also eno****ered problems with jelly blast.so am uninstalling.
regarding creeds fusion 3.5 u first need to flash stock rom and then install through stock recovery/cwm else u will be stuck in a bootloop.my suggestion:try repencis 3.5/ussr v5


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I just didn't like repencis theme. So i'm planning to download ussr but i don't want chobits' sound at boot

it doesnt have chobits boot sound.chobits comes with a lot of bloatware .otherwise it is one of the most stable roms.
try ussr 5 i loved it a lot.
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