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Problem of 56kbps internal modem

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Hi friends,
I have to face the frequent problem of internal modem setting.
Actually,there is driver of given modem,after final installation,there is a message,port can not open. How can i elimante port problem?


Try ControlPanel>Modems>Diagnostics>Query Modem.If it says,"Modem failed to respond.....",then it is due to some bad driver problem.
Remove ur Modem from Device Manager and also remove if u have anything like "Simple communications controller".Then go for a fresh Modem driver installation.Follow the steps given in ur Modem driver CD documentation.


If it is one of the cheap BEST modems,then simply throw it because two of my friends had the same problem with the particular concerned modem.


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Instead of throwing away the modem ..
you can first try to install the modem in another PCI Slot ( im assuming internal modem here )
'cos i had a similar problem .. and it turned out that one of my PCI Slot had some hardware problem ..



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It may not actually be a problem like a manufacturing defect. Some cards can have a preference for a specific PCI slot that cannot really be explained, even by IRQ calls.

Modern motherboards are so complex that perhaps slight differences in the electrical path lengths can make a difference in the suitability of a card for a particular slot. A more detailed explanation of such hypotheses would be too long to present here.
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