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Problem No AGP or PCIE ???? HELP!!!! SOS

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Hi ,
to all I am Apoorv and new to this forum
I have a LG MyPC with Intel 845GE Motherboard and a 2.4 Ghz Processor and 256 MB ram have been using this since 3 years
But now the performance is bad and PC is quite slow
Hence i wanted to upgrade it but i discovered it doesnt have a AGP or a PCIE slot
So pls help and what to do
No buyback options available to me.

I might sount stupid but is there any AGP-PCI or PCIE-PCI converter/Adapter available???

pls provide solutions asap & recommend suitable upgrades Budget 12-15K

Thanks in advance.


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I had the same configuration for three years but last year changed the mobo.

Don't mind but let me tell you a fact:
The processor you have(i.e. socket 478) cannot be used on a mobo with PCIe slot (which requires a LGA775 socket). So buying a new mobo for the processor (like I did) which gives only AGP support is complete waste of money. I spent around Rs 4K for mobo + Gfx card and all i got is a FX5200 which can't run new games or runs them at low fps.

With a budget of yours I would recommend you to upgrade with processor.

Get yourself a Core 2 duo + required mobo(take suggestion from this forum only !!) + around 1GB of RAM. Later after some saving you can get yourself a decent gfx card.

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For around 15K you can get a new PC. for example:
AMD X2 4800+ ~3500
ASUS mobo ~2500
1GB RAM ~1000
250 GB HDD ~2500
Cabinet ~1000

Totals to around 10500, this will give you a good performance. You can also get a geforce 8600 for around Rs. 4500 if your existing cabinet, keyboard, mouse and monitor can do.


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yes.. though i would suggest you to upgrade your pc.. but there is an alternative .
] recently BFG launched a PCI version of 8500GS and 8600GT .. with their main target as HTPC,s but i doubt you will find one in india.. if you are in some big city .. try to see if you can find one. will serve you well .. but mind that it may cost a bit higher than usual.. like by 10percent and is passivly cooled

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with your budget a full upgrade would be good option as anyways these cards wont help much with your system having just 256MB of RAM. and you might want to abandon your pc in a couple of years may be, then you would feel that you wasted money buying a PCI card because resale value would also be nil.


Right off the assembly line
well my Moniter,KB,mouse all work fine and i have a Tower Cabinet with 400W power supply
i was thinkin of buying 1GB of RAM and a Gfx card

and for a upgrade a Dual Core Pro 3.4 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 512MB Gfx and a suitable M/B P35 or something pls think abt it guys and rep soon

i dont wanna go for a big upgrade so soon
so some suggestions
Why don't you opt for Core 2 Duo E6300. Its fast and can sustain for a while..
its ancient :rolleyes:

I have the same problem, but with a more recent board, the D915GLVG. I think its best to either learn to live with it or go for a TOTAL 100% UPGRADE. But if he is lucky and gets a second hand nVidia GeForce 5200FX PCI for Rs. 500/-, he is in luck and I would be jelous of him.
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