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  1. ashu888ashu888

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    Jan 22, 2005
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    This is a thread to post all ur querries and problems related to any of ur PC components like: Optical Drives,Printers,Monitors,Scanners,Speakers, Keyboard & Mouse,Webcam, RAM modules,Motherboards,SMPS etc.. and almost anything related to PC Hardware....

    The purpose of starting this thread is that :
    :arrow: Users (new,advanced,novices) will not have to search the entire length and breadth of the Digit Hardware Forum just to check if there was any other topic started before.
    :arrow: To post all your querries in one thread rather than starting multiple threads for the same category of Hardware.
    :arrow: Easy to post ur views/tweaks/solutions to problems to help other users get the answers/tips right away.
    :arrow: Many threads just disappear onto the next pages due to posting of new threads.
    :arrow: New/Novice users post their problems in other sections of the Digit forum and it becomes a mess and the threads are often moved from one section to another.


    :arrow: It maintains the clean look of the Forum as well.

    If mods feel that its inappropriate to start this thread then plz delete this thread and advice me too as a suggestion (if i hv done sumthing wrong) :)

    As for other users..please (as a request) refrain from posting reviews of H/W that u have purchased recently...as this thread is only for Problems/Suggestions .. However u can post ur suggestions abt this thread and suggest your new ideas/tips as well to help make this thread a bit more helpful for all the Digit users.

    :idea: I have not started this thread to make comparison/differences about a particular product being bad or good nor my aim is to start a poll coz those threads r already present in the many sections of Digit.

    :!: Please do not post the Querries related to Graphics cards as this is already present as a sticky here: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13761

    :!: Please do not post querries related to your plans of purchase of a particular H/W and its prices/reviews.

    :?: If the Mods can make this thread as a sticky then it will be of gr8 help to many users..

    last but not the least..Please maintain the dignity and pride of the forum


    cheers n e-peace....
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    May 5, 2004
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    off to "never ever" land
    kind of defeats the purpose of having a forum dedicated to pc hardware doesnt it ?
    locking it ...
    u havent done anythign wrong its just that ..
    even in this thread the problems will overflow to multiple pages and we'll have lame excuses from n00bs of not being able to find it ..
    the search feature works perfectly well afaik and its only upto will to use it ...
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