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Company name: Primeabgb Mumbai

Product (be exact): PC Cabinet Gigabyte AC300W

Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location: Primeabgb

Location: Mumbai

Date of purchase: 9th June'18

Description of problems faced and the incident:

I have ordered 4 parts from this Seller from Primeabgb.com.

RyZeN 2600X, Gigabyte AX370M Motherboard, 8 GB Ram and the Gigabyte Cabinet. Upon delivery I found out only 3 have been shipped and Cabinet is missing. I have notified the seller who gave a standard reply of Sorry for inconvenience & we will revert etc.

Wanted to know if such thing has happened to anyone else here and how much time these guys usually take to sort it out.


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May be cabinet is shipped separately and it's on the way. Better call, rather than emailing...


Aspiring Novelist
I had ordered a couple of DDR3L RAM for 2 laptop back in 2014. I had to wait a month+ to get the product since the specific model that I ordered with lower latency was not available with them. They offered a higher latency one, I refused and told them that I can wait till it comes in stock. Since I was not in a hurry, I didn't followup too much. Got the product in good condition and their packaging is really good. for fast delivery,amazon is way better and their customer care is also very good. Flipkart is almost dead with customer service :lol:
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