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[Preview + Feedback] Digit September 2007

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naaa, i will give this month issue a pass...

last month was the best ever ...:)
i though something like this was about to happen , but not so suddenly .
but this months issue sucks..:(


damn busy...
you know why digit is so costly than other mags ,bcoz they give repeated pages very often. when i first started reading digit in may 2006 i found repeated prints of almost 20 pages and this year also there were repeated prints twice.


damn busy...
@ slugger, if they reduce the price by 20 Rs and discontinue giving cds then its worth it.


The Sexy Beast
why would digit give so many crap movies and albums.ols school cartoon videos like duck tales,etc and rock or trance albums from upcoming artists would be so much better or atleast game videos.

loved to read about fuzzy logic.hope digit brings tech used in various household devices too.

how many times do u do shootouts of mfd's,printers,etc. here in india we don't buy 30k mfd's.most of us can't afford a 10k graphics upgrade but still we love to see mobo,GC,procc tests plz pay attention to customer demands or atleast do some s/w shootout rather than some lame peripheral shootout:mad:

this month the tech vs old way segment was also missing:mad:

the tips and tricks section was soooooooo lame.u know that no basic user will ever try to use virtualdub for encoding so majority who use VD know a thing or two about pc's.same goes for FG and IDM.

totally dissapointed:(


surprisingly i have received my Sept,07 issue today,too early to believe. as usual Dl dvd is not being recognised by my dvd writer. i made a complain to digit thru email.
will anyone explain me why my drive is not able recognise the dl dvd's of digit ? Digit is not listening to me ? once they sent me replacement in Jun,07 but that too couldn't worked. later last month they asked me to use some lens cleaner. BTW, when all other DVD's r just working fine and even July,07 of Digit too...i don't feel it necessary to use any lens cleaner, also i fear to make my drive unusable by using lens cleaner which i faced for dvd player 2 yrs back.
will anyone give me solution for this ? Digit is not listening to their subscribers. Anyway, i already have decided not to renew with Digit by these experiences , frustrations and humilations.


Right off the assembly line
Dear Digit,

The Adobe Framemaker Trial does not work!!!!. Why does'nt Digit Test the Trialsbefore burning it to a DVD?


Anil Mahadev
Digit Avid Reader


Broken In
DIGIT has been regularly providing anti virus software (the free versions). Then, why don't you make an endeavour to provide the latest updates of virus definitions of these softwares regularly and without fail each month???? This way atleast those who do not have easy access to internet connection will get benefitted, and also use the provided software. For this purpose, a folder named updates in the 'Utilities' section of the DIGIT CD can become a standard fixture.
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 MacManiac
The package this time is not bad but it could have been better!!
I am fed up of reading MFD reviews every now and then, I mean who buys those MFDs for god's sake ??? 98% of Digit readers will be content reading small home printer review say once in 6 months or even once in a year. MFDs are useless for us, instead we would like to see reviews of Digital Cams, Camcorders, MoBos, Processors, PDAs, Portable Media Players, PCs, latest softwares, and also consumer electronis like DVD Players, TVs, Music Systems.

We don't mind reading reviews of Digital Cam and MoBos everymonth !!!!!

Guys come on Wake Up!!! realize who you are catering to.....


In the zone
The problem isnt with Digit's price or the quantity they provide. PC World provides only a Mag and a DL DVD for 125 which really sucks. But here atleast you get atleast a FAST TRACK and an additional CD. The big problem is the content. First reviewing month after month printers is unnecessary. Do you really need such huge reviews for webcams?? Desktops missed DELL which according to stats are the no. 1 pc builder. FREE Office doesnt really need a FAST TRACK dedicated to it. 4 pages of artcile would have sufficed.

Theres so much more you write but you stick to the most boring reviews and out of place articles.


Wise Old Owl
soham said:
Theres so much more you write but you stick to the most boring reviews and out of place articles.
yeah.damn true.the only thing i loved was those music albums by JT bruce and kelly.and for god sake get some great music for your interface.hire me for that.!!!!
anyways last month's mag and dvd was ok.this month 2\10.


damn busy...
jasubhai digital media is doing kanjoosi.they publish digit and skoar,earlier you'll might have noticed that in the jewel case it was written separately CD and DVD.from the month they started giving two DVD's in skoar from that month i see two DVD written in the jewel case.it mean they make the same jewel case for both the mags.From then on i never find the CD/DVD attached in the case.they r always detached.


NP : Crysis
i find the movies given out useless

also, agent001 mentions mx-518 has a dpi of 1600. i bought one 3 days back, it has 400dpi - 1800 dpi
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