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Oh come on... if its seems joke to you... prove me wrong.:-x:-x
Digit is never going to give latest pdfs. When it does with so-called "all pdfs of 10 years" it's only upto 6 month old and with a price tag of Rs 250. I don't understand why Digit provides all 10 years old pdfs repeatedly but not only pdfs of latest 12 or 6 months. :evil::evil::evil:

If Digit really listen its readers. I have one simple suggestion :
With each edition please provide 3 pdfs from 6 month old upto 3 months old as Chip Magazine does. It will not affect "your previous issues selling" and will be for more useful for us. you can additionally provide FastTrack pdfs in your Anniversary Editions... :razz::razz

All we ever do is listen, and yes, we pay more attention to criticism than any other publication. We're the first to admit our mistakes, and the first to apologise for them.

As for misleading ads, the forum post was an error, not a "tactic". I explained why we gave "10 years of Digit PDFs" which was advertised on the packaging of the physical product, which people bought, the forum post is what was wrong, and again, apologies for that...

This is from the December feedback thread. For any further clarifications regarding the "10 years of pdfs" I suggest you go through that thread again.

A joke? I'm not mocking anything. I just found your post interesting and reacted to it. I'm sorry if it offended your sensibilities. :-(

All feedback is valuable and we will definitely take your suggestion into consideration. :)


i love bakwaas
Does that mean i have to wait till december?:cry:
wish there were more small(silly?) games too
and forum offline is great:D know much more about vaibhav_ now:mrgreen:


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Hey guys.. I just wanna inquire about the CES HDTV footage u digit guys were gonna give on your DVD.. Umm.. You even mentioned the thing in the magazine itself.. But, i cant find it anywhere on the DVD...

PS- Sorry for reviving an old post.. :p


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I don't have the DVDs with me, but the manifest in the first post lists it in the Omega DVD's specials section. It's also mentioned on the face of that DVD...
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