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Wow...been ages since I posted on this forum. Here's some stuff I bought this week:

For my primary gaming rig, I purchased an EVGA GTX 470 with a Zalman VF3000f aftermarket cooler. Together, they cost me $240 from TPU forums.

Purchased an Asus GTX 470 for $220 from newegg. These are for my dedicated foldign rig. The Asus 470 w/ stock cooler OCs to Core 770Mhz / memory 1700Mhz and gives about 15-16k PPD folding.

Purchased a Q6600 / MSI P7N Platinum motherboard for my folding rig. Total cost $100 from TPU forums.
Purchased, for $45, a PC bench for the folding rig:

Purchased a EVGA GTX 480 from eBay for $300. Did not like it. It runs too hot leaving you no headroom to OC with the stock cooler. Traded it for another Asus 470 and a Eco Coolit liquid cooling.


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Product-Seagate Goflex 1 TB HDD With power adapter+Frontech card reader
Price-Rs 3400+Tax+Frontech card reader@Rs100

Location-Starcomp Infotech-Kolkata+Saboo Computers(card reader)

Pictures of the product







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@ asingh , S_V

Congrats to both of you. Nice rig S_V. Give some cable management tips.

Asingh , your BB looks great. They have unmatched loudspeaker quality. You will never regret talking over speakerphone.
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