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In the zone
intel core2duo e7400 -5.5k
seagate 500gb -2.775k
2x2gb kingston 800mhz ram- 985x2
gigabyte mobo(g31) -2.4k (set for a future upgrade)
palit nvidia gtx260 sonic, 896mb -11.4k
coolermaster extreme power plus rs600 pcar e3, 600W smps -3.5k
samsung dvdrw -1k


Dell Inspiron 15 - 35.3k

-Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400
-250GB SATA Hard Drive

Got Dell USB Mouse and Creative Noise Isolation Earphones as a part of the package.


99.9% Idle

Bought Asus x83vb-x1 for 29990/from ebay -(second one in the image :wink:)

Processor 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 Memory 4,096MB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz Hard drive 250GB, 5,400rpm Chipset Intel GM45 Express Graphics 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS Operating System Windows Vista Premium 64-bit Dimensions (width x height) 13.4 x 10.0 inches Thickness 1.3 to 1.5 inches Screen size (diagonal) 14.1 inches System weight / Weight with AC adapter 5.7 / 6.6 pounds


Bought CoolerMaster Hyper 212 CPU cooler from lynx. It cost Rs 2360 including shipment.

Tried to OC my current Proccey, OCed to 2.0 Ghz, but could not unlock the multiplier it shows only two values 07.0 & 06.0. Any one knows how to unlock it?? Also Temp doesn't cross 52 C on full load!!


Back to school!!
I have bought a palit nvidia geforce GTX 285 graphics card. bought it 2 days back from nehru place in delhi. Will this card fit in an ATX mid tower sized cabinet/case (Coolermaster 690)?? or i have to buy a full tower cabinet/case?? plzz help!!
Probably, here's what to do, measure the length of your card(10.5") , go to shop, ask the dealer to give you a demo of the CM 690, now measure 10.5" from the PCI bracket slot, check of it fits or blocking any HDD space, then buy if you think its O.K, that's how I got my 9800GTX+ and bijli cabby, just measured in the shop.


Back to school!!
There you are,this is what I need,even it is PCI-E,it doesn't matter,PCI or PCI-E interface is OK as long as it supports eSATA,

Do you know any online shop in your place? I'm in Chennai,its not there in standard shops,

If you know any Genuine person who can send this item safely to my place after receiving the money by cheque or creditcard or bank deposit,
I will be very thankful to you.

Even otherwise Thank you verymuch for your clarification in responding to my request!
Sorry there, I don't know any shop in Kolkata that ships online, don't you have any relatives/friends here?


Bought from R K Infosys, Mumbai

7750+ BE + Gigabyte GA-78GPM-DS2H ----- 8200/-

CM 335 + extreme 390W combo: 3450/- -----

Corsair/ Transcend/ Kingston DDR2 800Mhz: 1500/1200/1200 --- Purchased Kingston

LG 22X DVD writer: Box pack 1100/


Purchase date: 27/04/2009
Hardware purchased with price. LG 1942S 19' lcd monitor [Rs.7100]
City of Purchase. - CBE
other products i considered. - DELL
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