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Overall experience is good. Not used heavily though. Received on Sunday. Updraded from one plus 6 after 4 years of usage.


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Its from a reputed shop, and its in very good condition. Speakers arent really rocket sciency things, its unlikely itll go bad and if it does, usually you can fix it with a bit of soldering.


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^^Congrats. What is the specs of Omen ?
Thanks. Specs:
12th Gen Intel i7-12700H Processor
115W RTX 3060
2x8 GB DDR5 4800 MHz RAM
1 TB Gen4 SSD
16.1" 1920 x 1080 144Hz Display, 100% sRGB
4-zone RGB Backlit Keyboard

I had a spare 1TB WD SN550 SSD which I have installed to make it 2TB


right here
Maybe write a review for that Omen, you are one of the first to get hands on that. Does it have MUX switch?
Short review: Don't buy :lol:

There are way too many QC issues. I have been using an external KB and mouse all the time so didn't realise until another guy told me he is having trouble with the trackpad. When I checked mine I had the same issue as well, sometimes when you start scrolling from the left half it won't respond at all. Another guy is having issues with 2 keys on the keyboard.

The good thing is that I have bought 2 years of additional warranty so these would be covered for 3 years. I'm at peace now.

And, yes it has a MUX switch. I heard from people that only the Intel version of the Omen 16 gets it, not the AMD

Now there are a few more options in the market including the Dell G15 with the same specs but 130W RTX 3060, also the ROG with Ryzen 6800H + 140W RTX 3060 which is what you should be looking at.
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