Pope Uses Android "Tablet' to Light Christmas Tree !(Thou foreshaken 'Apple')


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it is amazing ! God's ways are truly mysterious and wise ! North withstanding the 'Job's' Thermo nuclear War on 'Android' .. and Zillion 'War of patents' all over clobe, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Goes all the ways to light Giant Christmas Tree by using a 'Android Tablet.


The tree in question is actually not a tree at all, nor is it actually situated in the town of Gubbo. Instead, the 'tree' is a a lighting display that covers a massive 130,000 sq meters on the side of Mount Ingino above the town of Gubbio. It's erected every year by volunteers, first appearing in 1981. According to the Vatican, the tree's base is approximately 450 metres wide and it extends for 750 metres up the hillside from the city's mediaeval walls to the basilica of St. Ubaldo. The silhouette of the tree is marked with 300 green lights and at the top is a comet made up of 250 lights covering an area of 1,000 square meters.
But the story didn't stop here.. the funny side is 'it is originally planned to procure an 'Ipad' to light up the 'Christmas Tree',but eventually 'Vatican's circle after much debate among themselves, change the plan, completed the task with, a 'Sony S Tablet'..some says, Vatican has divided house equally between 'Apple' as well as Android, but the holy Father,'entertaining ,'thou shalt not use(eat) 'Apple'.. finally decided to use Android Tablet..
Why not Samsung Galaxy Tab?.. because it looks like 'Ipad'

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