Please suggest sturdy mice that could last like a billion clicks or something


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I am a pretty careless user when it comes to mice. They never last more than 6 months for me. I bought a logitech G500 thinking being a gaming mouse it would be sturdy. But that too lasted hardly 6-7 months.

Please suggest some sturdy mice that could withstand heavy abuse and last for at least 3-4 years on heavy usage.
(Just into FPS games so any mouse with the basic 3 buttons will do.)

If there are good options in wireless, that would be good too.


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MX518 is a legendary mouse. Still using it. Sadly it is discontinued. Companies now design mice so that it will certainly fail and you have to buy another one so it increases their sales.


Talk to the hand!!!
I don't know how you are using the mouse but mine(Logitech MX518) lasted for 5 years when I bought my present combo.

You can go with Logitech MX518.

Link:Skinomi TechSkin - Logitech MX518 - Carbon Fiber Silver: Electronic

It is no longer found anywhere. That link you gave was for a skin for the mouse and not the mouse itself. A g500 is not as good as the 518 no matter what people say. I hear death adder is also sturdy but comes with **** software. I never owned a Razer product so can't tell. Many say it is overpriced and overrated while many others say it is worth every rupee.
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