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Please suggest gaming cabinet under 3k?


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Well i am not the gamer but i need for programming work which continously my computer run 12-16 hours, so i need better cabinet for cooling etc. I ordered CM 311 but i got damaged and the cabinet is also not good, i am thinking to go with Deepcool Tesseract BF under Rs2800 from flipkart or amazon. What you guys recommend for other cabinet?

I need the cabinet ASAP.


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Screenshot by Lightshot ,

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Deep cool tesseract SW ( Side window) can install upto 6fans , 2stock + 4additional

case cost = 3.2k rs + 4fans =1k rs (250 each on amazon)

Looks good but i don't want the fancy cabinet, can i go with FW only for running computer more then 12 hrs continuously. From where you bought the cabinet.

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Increase your budget and get Corsair SPEC 01 @ 3600 from mdcomputers.in

They are having COD option as well.

Link:CORSAIR CABINET SPEC 1 RED LED (CC-9011050-WW - CC-9011050-WW - )

Did you seen that courier charges. Price for the cabinet is Rs2500 and CC is Rs2000 loolll... I am not living in other country...


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check out cooler master N200. remember it only supports mixro atx/mini itx mobo. ATX mobo are not supported. buy locally . you will save on shipping and probably you will get low prices as well.
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