Please help! New Mobile


Right off the assembly line

I'm new to here. But I'm a regular reader for 5 years.

How are you everybody!

Please help me to choose a mobile phone, I'm totlally confused with many websites. I HOPE YOU may be HELP me out!

Which mobile phone is best for PC internet (to use airtel/aircel/tata) ?

If better picture quality is preferable.

My budget is Rs. 3100 at max :)

Please help me & specify model.

further more, anyone using micromax X330 to connect internet?

Please don't let skip me!

thanks in advance.


Believe Me or Not!!!
If PC internet is main concern/usage, why bother with MicroMax!!!

Nokia 2700 Classic is good enough for that :)
Samsung Metro 3310 (for USB charging)
Both costs around 3.5k


^^ Better use a phone which supports USB charging as pc tethering drains out battery very fast.
If you want GPRS only, then go for any Samsung phone. Else there is a low-end Samsung Metro which supports 3G (I can't remember the model no.)
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