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Phone around 5k....

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Please suggest a phone around 5k with fm, mp3 and camera if possible. It's for a friend who is a girl, so keep that in mind please. :)

Budget can be extended a bit, but not too much :)
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hey what i know is girls like Calm Shell phones a lot so i think z550i ( but in z550i she will miss edge )
or else go for 5200 (slider ) and i think she will like slider too more than usual bar type
nokia 3110 if she is smart and geek type of girl
all these phones are of 6k budget...u said u can extend right !!

oops sorry buddy but z550i is arnd 6.8
still 5200 is 6.2 or 6.0 so i think this 1

ok 1 more samsung x510 4k calmshell but i dont like this i think this is low qual

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If LG is OK for U,then try LG C2500 for 4.5K and C2600 for 5K

Both have FM stereo,MP3 and VGA cam

C2500-64MB memory

C2600-128MB memory!
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