PC for design work - custom built or pre-built PC? please recommend components


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I need help in buying/building a new PC. My budget and requirements are as follows:

  • Budget: Rs.55000 to Rs.60000

  • Existing hardware setup: Nil

  • Components from the existing setup that you intend to keep: nil

  • Components that you have in mind for your new PC: Intel Based I5.

  • Plans to upgrade in the future: No; May be RAM & OS to Windows 8 Pro

  • Places from where you will buy components along with your location: Bangalore-S.PRoad, Chennai-Ritchie Street, Online whichever is cheaper

  • Are you comfortable with buying secondhand components from the Erodov market? : may be

  • Intended use of the PC [gaming/office use/rendering/HD playback etc] : Graphics processing,Architecture softwares, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max with VRaY and other plugin photoshop etc.other purpose include using it for internet browsing, downloading, Microsoft office, watching HD movies, songs etc; NO Gaming. May be small kids games, like Bookworm deluxe, AngryBirds etc.

  • Brand preferences:Intel Based system; PSU - branded one; The casing should be really a good one for Aircooling;

  • Monitor resolution and size: 22 Inch Monitor

  • Will you be overclocking your setup?: Not at all.

  • Which OS will you use?: Windows 7 x64 bit Ultimate
More Details:

1. I myself have built systems and know how to do it. I want input on current high performance, good value components;
2. Thinking of going for a SSD -for OS & a WD Black 1TB or 500GB drive to Data Storage.
3. The work involves creating 3D plans for a building, structure and use V-ray and other tools/ plugins( I am not expert in design or any kind of Adobe software, I am passing this info from my cousin) to add textures etc.
the expectation is the system should be stable.Stable = the system that does the job without hangs , delay ( taking too much time to do the job). Does not have to keep tinkering with hardware to fix issues such as harddrive failures which inturn in data loss....I cannot be anymore specific than this about the kind of usage for this system ..probably I will get it from cousin later.

Should I go for Custom Built or pre-built / Branded ones like HP, Lenovo, Dell etc?

I request you input / help in getting a good system.


FX8350 @ 11.9k
Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 @ 7.6k
GSkill RipjawsX 2x4GB 1600mhz@4.4k
WD Caviar Blue 500GB@ 3k
NZXT Source 210 ELITE@ 2.8k
Sapphire HD7870 Ghz 2GB @ 17k
Seasonic S12ii 520= 3.7k
Dell S2240L 21.5" FHD@ 8.5k
Asus 24x DVD RW@1k

the alternative is 4th gen i5 (non-K)with b85 mobo as you dont want OCing...


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Finally, got time to go to the shops and get a quote:


Core I5 4430 4th Gen- Rs.12600
Core I5 4670 4th Gen- Rs.15200

AMD FX 8350- Rs.11800

Intel® Desktop Board DB85FL - Rs.6200
AMD : M5A97EVO R2.0 - Rs.8500
for AMD : M5A97 R2.0 - Rs.6500

DDR3 8GB 1600 Corsair vengeance- Rs.4000
GSKill Ripjaws DDR3 1600-Rs.4500
1TB WD Blue- Rs.3500
1TB WD Black- Rs.5250
SSD Samsung 840 - Rs.6500

Graphics Card
CoolerMaster 500W- Rs.3000
CoolerMaster 350W- Rs.2000
CoolerMaster Elite 310 - Rs.2000
300R - Rs.4650
DVD RAM drive- Rs.900
Display- 22" Acer / Viewsonic- Rs.7500

Now, I request your input which Motherboard to go for?

I do not know if the Intel 'manufactured' board are anyways made in China Franchisee units and I doubt the quality. I prefer to go for Gigabyte , Asus, Asrock , MSI boards with
USB3, Solid state Capacitors, with Anti-Humidity coating, UEFI BIOS with added security features.

The mobo should be highly Durable.

If I choose Intel I5 4430 with the Intel DB85FL , 7770card, CM Elite casing the total comes to Rs.47200.

Please help me tweak this.
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