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Hi guys,
I want to buy a new pc,so i want to have a gaming case this time.
I want to have a raidmax ninja cabinet ,plz tell me wether i can get it in mumbai.

Also plz suggest any good gaming cabinet with nice room for cooling.


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Everything is decided ,getting a Core 2 duo E6600 proccy.
Only thing is about the cabby,I want to have raidmax ninja which i don't think is available in mumbai. Plz let me know from where can i get it.


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that a KOOL budget uhave ...can u list out wat components U r going to ?

mainly pross,mobo & Graphics


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I suggest changes to your rig to make it a much more supperior gaming rig.

E6400 - 10500

some good overclockable motherboard for 10000-12000

2 X 1GB DDR2 667 Corsair Value Select, provided it is supported, D9 chips or better preferably. Rs.8000

Seagate SATA II NCQ 300GB - 4800

Generic cabinet - 1500

DVD RW + Combo + FDD - 4000+

Creative Audigy 2 Value if in budget

Samsung 798MB Plus - 6000

Logitech MX 518 or G5 - 2800 / 3600
Microsoft Internet KB/Multimedia KB

Microtek 800VA - 2000+, a really cheap solution with very very little back up

Altec Lansing 251 - 4000

Radeon X1900XT - almost 30000

I am sure you are anyways short of money. How can you even think of buying a E6600 with a gaming case and even that expensive motherboard then?
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