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Partition new hard disk!!

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Please tell me everything about partitioning a NEW hard disk, from softwares required to the HOW TOs.


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if u hav winXP bootable disk just boot ur system from it and follow the instructions.(for a MASTER DRIVE)

if u r goin to use it as slave. then use windows 'disk manager'
to open it
Click Start, click Run, type compmgmt.msc, and then click OK:cool:

if u r booting from MS DOS then type 'FDISK' for disk management

this type of threads hav already been opened a million times.
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If your harddisk is Seagate use Seagate's 'Disk Wizard Starter Edition' CD or
download & burn the ISO image file in a CD. Or you can use Windows XP bootable
CD also for the same.
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