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Paisapay protection duration on ebay.in...


In the zone
Hey guys, i bought a pen drive on ebay.in on the 8th this month and it was supposed to get to me by 16th but I still don't have it.
The seller has told me that it will be here in a couple of days.
But I have only one more day to confirm the receipt of the item in the PaisePay panel...
So what should I do?
Will I be able to demand a payback even after that one day confirmation time expires?
Thanks a lot!!


King of my own Castle
The best thing to do under these circumstances is to confirm NON-RECEIPT of the item and push for refund.
Once you confirm receipt and the seller gets paid its hard to get the refund inspite of the paisapay protection.I have lost twice money thinking ebay will refund but nothing has happened after complaining.
So the best thing is click non-refund and incase you receive the item after the nonreceipt there is option to edit it to item received and you can again pay to the seller if your original payment comes back to you.
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