P4 based system.

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Selling off my download rig. Dont need a download rig now as i dont have an unlimited internet connection anymore.

Price : Rs.2500+shipping.
Location : Trivandrum, Kerala.


Intel Pentium4 1.7GHz
Intel 845HV Motherboard
128MB 133MHz SD RAM
32MB RIVA TNT2 M64 AGP card
Davicom 10/100 Ethernet card
10GB Quantam Fireball Hard Disk
52X CD-ROM Drive.

(This a basicaly a compete system without a cabinet&psu)

Local buyers will get a iBall cabinet w/ SMPS free. If some non-local buyer is intrested in getting the cabinet&smps also, iam ready to ship it, but the buyer will have to bear the shipping charges.

I'll be selling these as a whole only, so please dont ask for induvidual components.

PM me if intrested.


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Will defenitely take it 4 INR 2000 coz its without the monitor,KB nd Mouse,

I need the cabby nd PSU too....

I live in kerala....Thodupuzha 2 b xact...

call me on 9746166819....

I've got frnds @TVM.....They'll collect it frm u....


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Interested for Rs. 2700 including shipping to Karnataka

PM Bank details to make payment
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Sir, Received the material in good Packing.

Motherboard is not switching ON.
40gb HDD is not working properly.

What to do ?
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