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Wise Old Owl
I want to overclock my CPU and GPU.

X2 4400+ on ASUS MX-SE Mobo

Galaxy 8600 GT 256 MB

I never overclocked before. Friends told me that both of these are very overclockable.

So how to do it? any software? Plz help.

Detailed post will be highly welcome as I am a Total new comer in Overclocking thing :)

ps: Cooling I have total 3 fans in Cabinet.
1. CPU
2. behind SMPS
3. Cabinet Fan [At back side]

Dont want to invest anymore in cooling thing :(

Using PC mainly for gaming. and I got 1 GB DDR II 667 Ram and XP SP2.
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Wise Old Owl
k I seached but I haent seen any dedicated thread for OC.

@ Dessi bond: I know this config is very decent and XP is practically flying on my machine. But for gaming I need the last sqeeze out :D

I know I have to change FSB and vCore [If Required] but I cant find it in Bios. Also where is Multiplier Settings located?
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