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Hi guys!

I've been using an MSI laptop for a while and wanted to test the limits with some overclocking. I am using MSI Afterburner and the software has some sick (good sick) features. It can even add more Core Voltage and extend Power Limit % plus, you can add almost 20 monitors for real-time monitoring of your systems.

What I'm concerned about is, can over-clocking shorten the life of my lappy? There must be some side-effects? If yes, what all?



If done properly and within limits, over-clocking should not harm your laptop too much. But you push the limits, you'll end up frying you PC. Afterburner is a good software to overclock and monitor your system simultaneously. Roll back as soon as you see temperatures rising and the monitors behaving out of the ordinary.


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Ensure that your VCore remains within the max value. My processor's (2500k) max VCore is 1.5 Volts. I tend to keep it well below 1.4 (1.350 is good). The lesser VCore the better but you will have to bump up VCore for higher clocks otherwise system wont be stable.

Next thing that you should monitor along with is the temperature at max load (use prime95). It's better to have max temp around 70-80 Celsius at extreme overclocking.

VCore and temp, if higher, will reduce the lifespan of processor or damage it too if beyond recommended levels.
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