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Opera Unite offers easy file sharing

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Makers of the Opera Web browser have added a new file sharing system, called Unite, for users to easily share images, files and music with one another.

"Opera Unite is a unique technology that turns any compute ror device running Opera into a Web server," a message on the Opera Labs site says. "In other words, your computer (running Opera Unite) is truly part of the fabric of the web, rather than just interacting with it, and it's something anyone can use."

Opera Unite is available for download on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. It's a free service that will obviously have some bugs, but Opera wants to hear all feedback, both positive and negative, about its offering.

The ability to easily transfer files directly into the web browser PC to PC without a server in the middle is a unique concept. There were similar services available in the past, but users typically needed to install additional software, pay subscription fees, or the software was buggy.

Officials hope the new service will be one more reason for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users to switch over and begin using Opera. IE leads the way with Firefox in the No. 2 spot, however, Opera has a very strong following of users, even though it has maybe just two percent of the browser market.

It works well and Unite is rather innovative after brief testing, but I don't know if the Web browser has a large enough following for it to ultimately matter. Opera plans to rolls out "other uses we envision for Opera Unite services," according to the Opera Labs web site.

Is Unite something you'd be interested in using?
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