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One Pound Fish!!!


The Mighty Unkel!!!
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This one deserves a separate thread. Dono/care if already posted.. :D sharing for LOL's

Following brief employment at a pound shop, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom originating from the town of Pattoki, Kasur in Punjab, Pakistan.[1] who had since settled in East London, began work on a fish stall at Queen's Market, Upton Park where his employer instructed him to use a trader’s call to attract customers. He soon composed the song "One Pound Fish" with the lyrics:

Come on ladies, come on ladies
One pound fish, one pound fish
Have-a, have-a look
One pound fish
Very, very good, very, very cheap
One pound fish
Six for five pound one pound each

It became an internet smash after passing customers uploaded videos of Nazir performing his song onto YouTube. The song has since been covered by Alesha Dixon, Timbaland and Mindless Behavior.[2]

Studio Version


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Yeah i remember him...was quite popular on youtube...last i heard a major music label signed him...good stuff... :D


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So, another Psy on the rise?
The song reminds me of King Julian's "I like to move it' song! :D
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