Official Digit CTC IV discussion thread - Last leg starts 6th Oct 2012

Should we delay the final leg by two weeks?

  • No I can't wait that long...

    Votes: 44 32.4%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 9 6.6%
  • Yes, because I have exams

    Votes: 42 30.9%
  • Yes, because I want the last leg to be really long and hard

    Votes: 23 16.9%
  • Yes, only if you give 2 more checkpoints in between

    Votes: 18 13.2%

  • Total voters
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Right off the assembly line
Google the image

OMG i just got the hint concerning the 3rd checkpoint awsumly cencealed by digit team :wink:

i got some image where should i type the answer i tried "Replacing clue1.html to *****.html" but i got whoops page only


Right off the assembly line
wts the answer of Canadian Rockstar.... m trying to slove them from last 8 hrs... plz guy tell me the ans of 3rd one... pls...


Right off the assembly line
help me plz

i think got an answer for first question but i dont know where should i enter that i am tried to enter in address bar but i got only whoops page

guide me plz plz plz


Broken In
can sumone pls pls pls help me with the "page u seek is where no one writes".thing...i m kinda confused


Right off the assembly line
any hints for devworx??
do we need to find that utl on devworx site and put it on answer page?
Its been 2 days, and every effort is going in vain. I know its like, but what is the exact answer?! I put it by giving /ctc.html, but that doesnot result in the answer. tried out every combo! Can anyone help??!!


The Dragonborn(Dovahkiin)
Can u plz help with the devworx question????

@Sandy Try pasting the javascript snippet in the address bar of any js enabled browser

A google search page will come which if you wait n watch for a while u will find the answer :wink:
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