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[Official] Dell has Aquired Alienware.

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Satissh S

Just surfing through extremetech and found this news.. Hope this hasn't been posted b4 a search gave no results .. so posting.. 1 day old though!
Dell Inc. confirmed Thursday that it had acquired boutique PC vendor Alienware, a move that will add some zing to the company's image.

Although Dell's acquisition was widely anticipated, Alienware chief executive Nelson Gonzalez said that his company will remain a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dell, continuing its own brand, design, sales and marketing, and support. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For consumers, the purchase will mean that Alienware will now access Dell's well-known supply-chain efficiencies, ideally reducing wait times for new PCs that Alienware executives said have swelled to as much as a month or more. Interestingly, the deal also means that a PC containing a processor from Advanced Micro Devices will finally contribute to Dell's bottom line.

Gonzalez said that to expand Alienware's product line with more, highly-tuned boutique products, the company needed more resources. Although the company sells its PCs to customers in Japan, Korea, and Asia, Alienware didn't have the cash to fund the worldwide expansion it needed, he added.

"We were at a crossroads, we were at a point in time where we had to make a decision to go public or to perhaps merge with another entity if it made sense," Gonzalez said. "There were very few organizations out there that we would do this with—and there's only one that I could think of, and that was Dell, just because of the similarities in terms of the direct business model, and that we have a lot of similarities with the [company]. The problem is that we were at these crossroads, we needed to raise capital, and we had never raised capital at this company from day one."

"We needed to get bigger, and we needed to release more products," Gonzalez added. "We do our own designs and our own form factors, and that costs a lot of money, frankly."
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The Mighty Unkel!!!
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Now thats great news. The power of alienware+Service of DELL. Good news. But DELL should not messup the cabinets by putting their logo.


In the zone
Finally Alienware might be available in India in the form of DELL. I hope !

I wish the Area series notebooks reach India.

Yup they should not change the log or any thing. Else Alienware PCs will be in problem regarding marketing :p


Broken In
the merger is kinda weird...does this mean that the xls series from dell will have competition from its own parter company? Or does this mean that alienware might rub off a bit of its charm to the dell, make the boring computers a bit more exciting...
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