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According who sourced a Microsoft spokesperson, Microsoft is planning to release an updated beta version of the companies next generation Office suite, Office 2007.

The update will ship to 10,000 beta participants in the private Beta Place testing zone next week. It's expected that the refresh will sport more UI enhancements and much more stability than the previous Beta 1 release last year. Microsoft is expected to release Office 2007 Beta 2 in Spring with a full retail release expected before year end.

Update: Microsoft have updated the Office 2007 site with what looks like new UI screenshots. To be perfectly honest Office 2007 with this new look UI is ugly to say the least. Maybe it will grow on us like Luna did back with Whistler (Windows XP).
Outlook 2007:link
Word 2007: link
Excel 2007: link
Office 2007(in black): link



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the revolutionary design change m$ is trying to induce will be a little akward at first but never non-user-friendly. It may take some time to get used to the visual but at the end it will be a complete M$ easy-to-use tool.
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