Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh Today

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Hi guys.

Microsoft is going to release a Technical Refresh build (4407.1005) for Office 2007 Beta 2 today. The Technical Refresh will be available for public download but unfortunately at a cost of $1.50. This $1.50 is used to pay for B/w & shipping costs.
Office 2007 is expected in early 2007. Three final editions will be released:
Standard Edition ($399 USD)
Professional Edition ($499 USD)
Ultimate Edition ($679 USD)

A/c to sources, MS made nearly 1000 changes in 2007 Office Beta 2 TR in comparison with 2007 Office Beta 2.

I'l make you update when I get that.


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You can download the Technical Refresh from here .

There is a also another update, this is for older versions of MS Office to open the new formats of Office 2007. It can be downloaded here, and the info about it can be found here.
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Office 2007 beta given with Digit last months has lots of bugs. It has some page formatting problems and almost unworkable. I uninstalled it. Also I read somewhere that lots of beta testers have complained that the ribbon type menu on top consumes a lot of spaces. Can't say whether thats going to stay in the final version.


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i my self had faced a lot of problems..
firstly i hated the ui like anything... yeah being flashy is good... overduing it kills the whole thing ... hmm <im not sure wat i m takin about.. <lol>>
and the other thing was printing stuff from it.. man.. the whole thing was blown up (read zoomed/enlarged) to a huge proportion... i had wasted a lot of pages = ink due to it.. it sumhow doesnt know how to print in the economy/super fast mode which uses less ink...
i had to finally uninstall it.. now im happy wid :)
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