Nvidia Fermi Renders Look Ultra Realistic

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Visuals stemming from Nvidia's Fermi may make you do a double-take.


Memorex used to have a very catchy slogan: is it live, or is it Memorex? That very slogan came to mind when viewing a few outlandishly realistic renders here on a Chinese forum. Thanks to Nvidia's Fermi hardware, virtual realism has taken a huge step towards mimicking reality to the point of asking: is it real, or is it a render? A "dramatic upgrade" doesn't justify the visual leap Nvidia has made in virtually recreating faces and environments.


Fermi, the company's next-generation CUDA architecture, is jammed pack with more than 30 million transistors and a maximum of 512 CUDA cores "enabling supercomputer performance," as the forum post states. If the leaked images are indeed genuine--showing fantastic ray tracing goodness, facial hair, and even defined skin pores (sans zits)--then gamers have a lot to look forward to when Nvidia launches the GeForce 300 series... possibly by the end of the year.


Electronista points out that a second set of forum users have noted that Nvidia confirmed the launch of notebook versions of Fermi. While the supposed release date is a vague "near future," it's estimated that the chipsets will be aimed at the mid-to-low end laptops. The GTS 360M will serve as the company's mobile performance chip, and the GT 225M and GT 330M will be geared towards mainstream models. Low-end systems will likely integrate the GeForce 310M and 305M GPUs.


But seriously what we need is the god damn release date of that GPU


'finite element analysis' the name itself gives me cold shivers lol... one of the most dreaded electives in our mech engg course :p :p



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All this, even if it isn’t fake is far from production, still in research phase. For now, ATI leads the game and priced right. So, stick with ATI.
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