Nvidia CUDA 5.5 Now Supports ARM


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Nvidia CUDA 5.5 Now Supports ARM

CUDA is now trying to diversify and enter different markets. This move will enable use of CUDA in microserver platforms that will use ARM cpu's. So nvidia accelerators will definitely fit in there. For smartphone and tablets, i can see the use of PHYSX since CUDA libraries will be present now.

Some general purpose applications in handhelds can also benefit the GPU's parallel processing capabilities, thanks to CUDA.
Old news. Developers were given prototype devices several months ago. Also, CUDA for x86 is arising: First Look: PGI CUDA C/C++ for x86
^ not necesserly, but this surely means faster, bigger and more powerfull apps. Cuda is associated with computing, not with graphics.
Yeah. And you can now license nvidia's tech including the 5500 patents it owns. They are even licensing architecture details of titan and upcoming architectures. Its moving to arm style business model.
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